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OLIMP Pure Whey Isolate 95 is a high quality, lactose-free, pure Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) supplemented with a complex of vitamins and minerals.

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Olimp gain bolic 6000 is a Complex composition of properly compiled carbohydrates and Protein-mix enriched with creatine monohydrate 

RRP £69.99
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The composition of System Protein 80® is based on the concentrate of whey protein, chicken egg protein and an exclusive isolate of whey protein which was obtained with the use of a cutting-edge machine

RRP £79.99
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MaxMass 3XL is a source of concentrated energy, containing a properly selected set of carbohydrates and wholesome proteins the perfect combination for effective muscle building.

RRP £49.99
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A professional blend that intensifies the growth of lean muscle mass. Its foundation is a complex of advanced complex carbohydrates.

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RRP £46.99
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Olimp Whey is a composition of top quality ultra filtered concentrate WPC whey protein and WPI whey protein isolate CFM.

RRP £49.99
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Olimp Whey is a composition of top quality ultra filtered concentrate WPC whey protein and WPI whey protein isolate CFM.

RRP £49.99
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Using Olimp Pro whey shake ensures that an optimum anabolic and anti-catabolic environments is created during the time surrounding exercise and before sleep

RRP £49.99
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Will you dare to try and enter a new level, or will you be a little boy satisfied with childish toys. The New pre Workout from olimp will blow your mind.

RRP £49.99
Save £20.00

Olimp Gain Bolic

Protein-carbohydrates concentrate mix powder, food intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sports people, with sugars and sweeteners, just add water.

RRP £39.99
Save £10.04

Olimp pump express 2.0 concentrate powder designed to feed your murderously working muscles. Pump express 2.0 concentrate food supplement in powder contains sugars and sweeteners

RRP £39.99
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Excellent amino acid product based exclusively on free, form amino acids. The composition of  AMINO EAAnabol Xplode is mainly based on essential amino acids

RRP £39.99
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Creatine Monohydrate Powder Creapure®. Dietary supplement containing powdered micronised creatine monohydrate.

RRP £39.99
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Olimp RedWeiler (480g)

Say goodbye to the thought that you do not feel strong enough to work out! Forget the weakness and pain! Crush the weights with your unlimited determination.

RRP £49.99
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Maintaining proper endurance parameters delays the moment of the athlete’s physical and psychical fatigue. For this very reason Olimp Laboratories developed BCAA Xplode Energ

RRP £39.99
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L-Carnitine is a key element of the last stage of the process of the decomposition of fats. It transports free fatty acids to where they are finally oxidised.

RRP £39.99
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The composition of the two forms of type I and type II of a hydrolysed collagen supports the comprehensive reconstruction of joints, joint capsules, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bone tissue.

RRP £39.99
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A composition of high quality branched chain amino acids leucine valine isoleucine in proportion of 2 1 1 enriched with L-glutamine and vitamin B6.

RRP £39.99
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Hi Protein MRP Matrix Pro 32

High protein bar (31,4% protein) with chocolate flavour and chocolate coating. With sweeteners.

RRP £49.99
Save £15.00

Olimp Fire Start energy gel is a perfect concentrated source of energy designed for physically active people to be used during prolonged physical activity.

RRP £47.99
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Carbonox is based on carefully combined carbohydrates sources selected according to precisely defined profiles of the rate of digestion and release

RRP £29.99
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This product contains collagen the main component of connecting tissue and innovative highly absorbable micro encapsuled Vitamin C

RRP £27.99
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Each 3 capsule serving olimp profi Bcaa 4:1:1 mega cap provides an impressive 3300g of bcaas in a 4:1:1 ratio.

RRP £39.99
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Olimp Supplements | Official Retail Partner

OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION® - more than supplements

Over 20 years of experience in the production of nutrients, the top specialists working at our company and the leading world experts in the area of sport nutrition with whom we cooperate on a regular basis and the products themselves, put us at the top of the most innovative companies implementing the state of the art and most effective solutions in sport nutrition.

 Over 20 years of market presence and the largest percentage share in sales in the sport nutrition segment demonstrates our long held unshaken position in the domestic market. At the same time the popularity of our products is increasing all over the world. The factors differentiating us from other companies involved usually in the packaging of nutrition products are the practice and vast experience in the development, implementation and production of our own innovative formulas based exclusively on the highest quality, verified, tested and safe ingredients. In addition, we are the only company with such a modern research and production infrastructure, which employs only a highly qualified team of specialists. However, the most important factor is the passion with which we approach our work - the creation of modern solutions in sport nutrition.

OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION® brand includes over 2000 top quality products, which:  

are created according to the highest global production standards,

are subject to continuous laboratory control,

are created with passion with the support of state of the art technologies,

are created exclusively from the best raw materials,

are based on modern innovative ingredients,

their effectiveness is 100% guaranteed,

are completely safe to health,

meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers,


OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION® products are successfully used by millions of sportsmen and physically active people in Europe.