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Strong, sturdy and able to take a MASSIVE 1.89L, this Applied Nutrition jug is the piece of kit you need to stay hydrated and stay in shape.


The PhD Water Jug provides you with the ideal solution to help maintain a healthy fluid intake.

RRP £19.99
Save £11.04

Introducing PhD Nutritions Limited Edition Stainless Steel Shaker. Measurements are detailed on the side and given in Ounces and Millilitres

RRP £9.99
Save £2.44

An essential tool for every supplement user.

RRP £11.99
Save £6.00

The PhD shaker is as functional and effective as its quality. For creamy lump free nutrition shakes just drop the wire ball in with your ingredients and shake

RRP £5.99
Save £2.00

This Sci-Mx Shaker comes uses a secure screw cap and is the ability to remove each section makes it extremely easy to clean.

RRP £5.99
Save £2.00

Stylish Dumbbell shaped Water Jug. Each jug holds 2.2ltrs of fluid and is ideal to monitor your water intake through the day .

RRP £14.99
Save £5.00

Adapt BCAA+ are branched chain amino acid Food Supplement capsules. Containing L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine and Vit B6.

RRP £19.99
Save £11.00

BSN No-Xplode Smartshaker is a logo printed version. Its cup capacity is 600ml, it comes with a compartment attached to the bottom

RRP £14.99
Save £10.04

This shaker is an Buchsteiner shaker so is extremely high quality. The shaker holds 700ml of liquid so is perfect for the majority of shakes.

RRP £7.99
Save £4.50

Sport Supplement Shakers & Water Bottles