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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Bigger By The Day is an all-natural muscle builder that is without a doubt the strongest formula of it’s kind on the market. This is a formula that’s so hardcore, only 5% Nutrition could have created it!

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Bigger By The Day® is the strongest all-natural muscle builder available. This hardcore formula now features Ajuga Extract along with ingredients like Epicatechin, HICA, Leucine, and now a massive dose of Turkesterone, nothing else comes close!


Take a look at these ingredients:

Ajuga Extract (Ajuga turkestanica)(whole herb) – 1,000 mg – We’ve taken this powerful natural muscle builder and added it to the only formula that can handle it - Bigger By The Day®!

In-vitro studies show the effectiveness of this incredible ingredient! One of the primary benefits of Turkesterone is protein synthesis stimulation. Along with increased muscle mass via protein synthesis, Turkesterone supports increased strength. It also has anti-catabolic properties because it helps the body preserve muscle when you’re restricting calories.

That’s quite a list of impressive benefits! With the rest of the hardcore ingredients in this exceptional formula, Bigger By The Day® will make a huge difference in your workouts and results!

Turkesterone works best when taken with a high-protein meal, so make sure you take Bigger By The Day® with your two highest protein meals of the day.(1, 2, 3)

Green Tea Extract (90% Epicatechin) – 300 mg – This ingredient is a flavonol commonly found in dark chocolate and green tea. This compound has muscle growth properties and can stimulate nitric oxide production. We’re talking about increased pumps and enhanced nutrient delivery to your working muscles. One of the primary ways it stimulates growth is by inhibiting myostatin. What is myostatin? It’s a type of protein known as a growth factor that regulates how big your muscles can get. In effect, it puts a ceiling on muscle growth. You can raise the ceiling of your potential for gains by inhibiting myostatin.(4,5)

HICA – 500 mg – This ingredient is also known as A-Hydroxyisocaproic Acid or Leucic Acid. HICA is a metabolite of leucine, which means that when we metabolize leucine, our body breaks down into HICA and other metabolites, such as HMB. Here’s how it works. The leucine that is broken down into HICA is first metabolized into KIC. Then it’s broken down further into HICA; it becomes available for use at this point. Clinical studies have indicated that HICA can stimulate gains and reduce muscle soreness. (6)

Leucine – 200 mg – Leucine is one of the BCAAs and, without a doubt, the most powerful amino acid. It is directly involved in the stimulation of the mTOR pathway, which in turn activates protein synthesis. If gains are your goal, leucine should be very high on your list of supplements.(7) By combining leucine, HICA, and turkesterone, we have created a powerful trio that will effectively stimulate protein synthesis.

Bioperine® Black Pepper Extract – 10 mg – Ultimately, the effectiveness of any product comes down to how well it’s absorbed. Of course, we wanted to be sure this powerful muscle builder is fully absorbed for maximum benefits. This ingredient is well-known as an effective absorption enhancer that improves the absorption of the nutrients and ingredients it’s paired with.(8)

When it comes to the most potent all-natural hardcore muscle builder that was designed for serious results, Bigger By The Day® delivers!



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