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This supplement has been designed for those of you athletes that devote every bit of time to your love of sport or working out, and improving their physique and health with the nutritional requirements that your body needs.

RRP £49.99
Save £20.00

Power Amino combines the most critical and advanced Amino Acids to support the intra-workout demands of high intensity training.

RRP £39.99
Save £16.00

Do you find your weight and exercise training regimes grueling and tiresome.

If you’re struggling to get through your sessions and aren’t feeling an improvement, then Extreme Creatine is here to help you..

RRP £29.99
Save £12.00

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall is the UK's Strongest Man and the world deadlift record holder. How did he get there? By maintaining a dedicated training regime, and taking absolutely no shortcuts on his way to the top, that's how. 

Eddie also makes sure to give nutritional support and advanced weight and muscle gainer supplements equal importance, with products from Protein Dynamix™ being his first choice. In fact, Eddie has designed his very own Eddie Hall Signature Series – a range of Protein Dynamix™ goods that are immensely popular with weight trainers everywhere: big people demanding BIG results.