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Premium Raws - Sports Supplements at low prices

The concept for Premium Raws™ came about in the summer of 2014 when myself and a small team of my staff were struggling to find good high quality raw ingredients that were easily available and in stock but also at a fair price. We found this difficult as we had to use many different suppliers, all with different and highly fluctuating prices. As a result of hours of research and collaborating globally with many different wholesalers in early 2017 Premium Raws™ was born.

Our philosophy is simple – to supply you our customer with premium high quality raw ingredients at competitive price. We will also be donating regularly a percentage of our sales to two charities, which are close to our hearts here at Premium Raws™, those being the Children’s Air Ambulance and Trinity Hospice.

We hope that you will be a part of our brands journey moving forward and hope that you will continue to use Premium Raws™ as your first choice of high quality raw ingredients.