Protein Blends and Casein

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Applied Nutrition Vegan-Pro Protein 2.1kg

Vegan-Pro is the perfect Vegan Protein blend combining Soya Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Protein to deliver a premium quality

  • £33.95
  • RRP £59.99
  • Save £26.04
CNP Pro Peptide 2.27kg

CNP Pro Peptide 2.27kg

CNP Pro Peptide is protein product developed over many years by world leading protein experts. Pro Peptide isn’t just another protein supplement.

  • £44.95
  • RRP £90.49
  • Save £45.54

Sci-MX GRS 9 Protein 2.28kg - Free Shaker

A precise level of fast release whey plus gradual release polypeptide protein isolates and concentrates which release amino acids for up to 9 hours.

  • £37.95
  • RRP £71.99
  • Save £34.04

USN Casein Night Time Protein 908g

USN Casein Night Time Protein is a gradual-release micellar casein with added Aminogen for optimal protein digestibility and absorption.

  • £27.95
  • RRP £49.99
  • Save £22.04

USN Pure Protein GF-1 1kg

USN Pure Protein is a complete engineered protein blend consisting of a precise mixture of whey protein isolate whey protein concentrate calcium caseinate egg albumen.

  • £23.99
  • RRP £38.39
  • Save £14.40
CNP Pro MR x 20 Sachets

CNP Pro MR x 20 Sachets

CNP Pro MR meal replacement is a high protein low fat meal replacement formula that combines dietary fast and slow proteins.

  • £29.95
  • RRP £61.99
  • Save £32.04

Reflex 3D Protein 1.8kg - Free Shaker

3d protein from Reflex Nutrition is the worlds first and only time release protein powder to contain Native Whey Protein Micellar Casein and Egg White Protein.

  • £44.99
  • RRP £69.99
  • Save £25.00
Kinetica Pro Release 1.8kg

Kinetica Pro Release 1.8kg

Kinetica Pro Release 1.8kg has been designed for serious athletes looking for enhanced performance in tandem with their training.

  • £32.95
  • RRP £67.99
  • Save £35.04
Sci-mx Muscle Meal Ripped Core 2kg

Sci-MX Muscle Meal Rippedcore 2kg

sci-mx Muscle Meal Rippedcore is an ultra high protein and low carbohydrate muscle gain meal shake for those training for an ultra lean ripped physique.

  • £29.89
  • RRP £55.19
  • Save £25.30

USN Muscle Fuel STS 2kg

USN Muscle Fuel STS 2kg is an advanced engineered meal replacement formula that is designed for active people who demand the benefits of top quality protein complex.

  • £29.95
  • RRP £47.99
  • Save £18.04

Gaspari MyoFusion Advanced 1.8 kg - Free Shaker

The advanced formula is the ultimate time released blend featuring fast acting whey hydrolysate ultra pure whey isolate high-grade whey concentrate slow digesting micellar casein and complete milk protein.

  • £34.95
  • RRP £64.99
  • Save £30.04

Reflex 100% Egg White Protein 900g - Free Shaker

100% Egg White Protein from Reflex Nutrition is a high-quality egg white protein isolate which has one of the highest biological values of any protein available.

  • £24.95
  • RRP £39.99
  • Save £15.04

Sci-MX Pro V-Gain Protein 900g

Pro V-gain Protein formerly Pro-VX Protein has been formulated to be superior for muscle building than any animal-sourced protein available.

  • £15.95
  • RRP £29.99
  • Save £14.04

PhD Micellar Casein 900g - Free Shaker

PhD Micellar Casein is a premium quality slow release protein product derived from the finest micellar casein and fortified with ultra-slow acting Micelle XL

  • £22.95
  • RRP £24.99
  • Save £2.04
Sci-Mx Muscle Meal Leancore 2.2kg

Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore 2.2kg

A perfectly balanced lean muscle gain meal shake. Complete nutrient support in an easy to mix and great tasting shake.

  • £29.89
  • RRP £56.99
  • Save £27.10
USN Protein Mousse 480g

USN Protein Mousse 480g

USN Protein Mousse is a healthy yet tasty dessert. Available in a variety of flavours, each serving provides 15g of Protein.

  • £15.95
  • RRP £26.99
  • Save £11.04

Multi protein blends are essentially made up of a blend of two or more types of protein. The most common types of protein found in these blends are whey protein, micellar casein, milk protein concentrate, egg albumin and calcium caseinate. These protein sources range from fast release (whey protein) to slow release (calcium caseinate). The combination of two or more of these protein sources, allows the user to benefit from sustained protein release over a period of time. This makes a multi protein blend the ideal protein source to consume before bed or even in between meals, as it keeps amino acid levels high, increases protein synthesis and repairs muscle tissue over a long period of time.



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