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A precise level of fast release whey plus gradual release polypeptide protein isolates and concentrates which release amino acids for up to 9 hours.

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Sci-MX GRS 9 Protein System (2.28 kg)

It contains precise levels of fast release whey plus gradual release polypeptide protein isolates and concentrates which digest  gradually and release amino acids for up to 9 hours.

Container Size: 2280 g

Serving Size: 56 g

Servings Per Container: 40

Nutritional Information Per Serving (based on Vanilla flavour)

Energy: 923 kJ / 218 kcal

Protein (on dry matter): 40 g

Carbohydrates: 7.4 g of which Sugars: 5.6 g

Fat: 2.8 g of which Saturates: 1 g

Fibre: 1 g

Salt: 0.7 g

Amounts Per Serving

GRS 9 Hour Protein Blend: 40 g of which BCAAs: 6.9 g

 of which glutamine: 6 g, Aminogen: 100 mg, Optizyme: 100 mg, it-MX Sport: 733 mg, Vitamin C: 60 mg, Vitamin B6: 0.6 mg, Folic Acid: 96.6 ug, Vitamin B12: 1.2 ug, Pantothenic Acid: 2.8 mg

Calcium: 362 mg, Phosphorus: 134 mg, Magnesium: 163 mg, Iron: 6.2 mg, Zinc: 4.2 mg

Copper: 0.5 mg


GRS 9 Protein System (whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate, egg albumin, whey protein isolate, emulisifier (Soya lecithin)), glycine, non-hydrogenated shortening powder flavouring, thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, stabiliser (cellulose gum), magnesium oxide, sweeteners (scesulfame potassium, sucrealose), digestive proteases from Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae (Aminogen), lactase enzymes (Optizyme), Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Vitamin B5 (as calcium D-pantothenate), Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin), vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine-hydrochloride), folic acid (as pteroylmonoglutamic acid), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), ferrous bisglycinate, zinc oxide, copper gluconate

peptide bonded glutamine rich hydrolysed wheat protein, milk protein concentrate), glycine, MCT oil, flavouring, maltodextrin, red beet powder (colouring), calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, xanthan gum (stabiliser), Optizyme (lactase enzymes), Aminogen (digestive proteases from aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae), ascorbic acid, ferrous gluconate, sucralose (sweetener), zinc oxide, copper gluconate, calcium D-pantothenate, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine-5-phosphate, pteroylmonoglutamic acid

Recommended Use

After training and between meals.

Upon waking and before bedtime.

Take up to 3 servings per day.

How to prepare

Add 2 heaped scoops (56 g) to 350-400 ml of water.

Shake for 10 seconds.

Allow to settle for 45 seconds and drink.

Allergen Information

Contains milk protein, lactose, soya and gluten.

Contains no nut ingredients, but may contain traces of peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.

May contain egg.


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Whey Protein
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