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CNP Pro Napalm is a pre workout isotonic drink containing Guarana caffeine and electrolytes. Pro Napalm is the perfect pre workout drink.

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CNP Pro Napalm (24 Bottles)

Pro-Napalm is a pre-workout, isotonic drink containing Guarana, caffeine and electrolytes. Pro-Napalm is the perfect pre-workout drink providing a boost in energy and increased focus required for those important intense training sessions whilst assisting in hydration.

Pro- Napalm is ideal before participating in most sports be it rugby, football or tennis etc and is also ideal to take when you feel tired and need a bit of a lift. Pro-Napalm is a powdered formula in a bottle that can easily fit into training bags. Just add water, shake and take


Guarana extract (200 mg)a herbal stimulant that contains a form of caffeine called guaranine which is 2.5 times stronger than the caffeine found in coffee. Guarana aids in a temporary, natural increase in body temperature, which causes the breakdown and release of stored body fat to be turned into energy.

Caffeine (30 mg)a stimulant known medically as trimethylxanthine. It is used to provide a "boost of energy" or a feeling of heightened alertness.

Maltodextrinis an easily digestible form of carbohydrate made from natural corn starch. Maltodextrin is the preferred carbohydrate used in energy foods due to its solubility, low taste profile, and quick absorption. Maltodextrin is the primary source of complex carbohydrates.

Magnesium citrate, Calcium and Potassium chlorideelectrolytes to assist in hydration (an acceptable level of fluids in the body).


Serving Information
Container Size: 1 Case (24 Bottles)
Serving Size: 1 Bottle (14 g)
Servings Per Container: 24

Nutritional Information Per Serving
Energy: 221 kJ / 52 kcal
Protein: 0.4 g
Carbohydrates: 12.5 gof which Sugars: 0 g

Fat: 0.1 gof which Sugars: 0 g

Fibre: 0 g
Sodium: 0.4 g
Salt: 0.52 g

Amounts Per Serving
Total Caffeine: 240 mg

Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Guarana Extract, Flavouring, Colouring (beta carotene), Magnesium Citrate, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Acidity Regulator (trisodium citrate), Caffeine, Sweetener (sucralose)

Recommended Use
CNP thinks it works best if you add cold water to the top of the label.
Replace the lid and shake well to dissolve.
Consume before and during a workout.

Suitability / Allergen Information
Suitable for vegetarians.


Product Form
Ready Made Drinks
Time of consumption
Pre Workout
Drug Tested for Sport

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