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Kinetica Thermo Whey 1.8kg

Kinetica Thermo Whey 1.8kg

Kinetica Thermo Whey is an advanced Whey blend protein shake. Each shake contains over 21g of Protein and has added digestive enzymes.

  • £32.49
  • RRP £64.99
  • Save £32.50

PhD Diet Whey 1kg - Free Cla 45 Caps

PhD Diet Whey 1kg contains a precision slow-release protein blend to maximise satiety and ensure no hunger pangs or energy crashes during the day.

  • £21.95
  • RRP £30.99
  • Save £9.04

Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal 2kg - Free Shaker

High protein meal shake with diet-support nutrients. A balanced 200 calorie meal replacement drink mix with protein Added CLA, green tea, vitamins and minerals

  • £23.99
  • RRP £87.98
  • Save £63.99

USN Diet Fuel RTD 8 X 330ml

A high protein reduced carbohydrate fat free drink the 330ml bottle comes in two great tasting flavours.

  • £13.95
  • RRP £21.98
  • Save £8.03
CNP Pro Lean Whey 2kg

CNP Pro Lean Whey 2kg

CNP Pro Lean Whey is a premium quality high protein meal replacement drink designed to help you to manage your weight loss goals.

  • £28.85
  • RRP £57.99
  • Save £29.14
USN Diet Fuel Ultra Lean 1kg

USN Diet Fuel Ultra Lean 1kg

Delivers a variety of high quality protein substrates for improving protein synthesis and overall health.

  • £17.95
  • RRP £27.99
  • Save £10.04

Reflex Diet Protein 900g - Free Shaker

Reflex Diet protein 900g is arguably the most sophisticated diet shake available today. Reflex Nutrition have used the latest advances in protein and weight loss technology.

  • £18.95
  • RRP £32.99
  • Save £14.04

PhD Woman Woman Meal Replacement 770g

PhD woman Meal Replacement is a delicious, high protein shake to support healthy weight loss. Gluten free, great tasting and with natural sweetener and flavours

  • £19.95
  • RRP £24.99
  • Save £5.04
Kinetica Thermo Whey 900g

Kinetica Thermo Whey 900g

Kinetica Thermo Whey is an advanced Whey blend protein shake. Each shake contains over 21g of Protein and has added digestive enzymes.

  • £19.95
  • RRP £34.99
  • Save £15.04

Myprotein Impact Diet Whey 3kg

Myprotein’s Impact Diet Whey has been carefully and intelligently designed by an experienced and innovative team of experts to support all of your training goals

  • £31.44
  • RRP £39.99
  • Save £8.55

Medi Evil Excalibur Diet Protein 1kg

Medi-Evil Excalibur Diet Protein is a market leading dietary supplement in addition to the highly innovative Excalibur range

  • £19.95
  • RRP £39.99
  • Save £20.04

USN Diet Whey Isolean 454g

USN has introduced the Diet Whey Isolean with big focus on providing a great tasting supplement for those looking to push their body makeover challenge to the next level.

  • £9.95
  • RRP £15.35
  • Save £5.40

You want a flatter stomach and a smaller waist, but, despite hours of exercise and a strict diet, you're just not seeing the results you expected. supplements in this range will work as part of your nutrition and exercise programme to make sure the time and effort you invest in the gym pay off. You'll lose weight, drop inches from your waist, and your favourite clothes will fit you once again. Discover the way to a leaner, fitter you.

It has been shown that using meal replacements high in whey protein not only preserves muscle when dieting, but also reduces hunger pangs and so enables you to reach your weight loss goals more easily. people who use additional products such as fat burners and low fat protein bars will see results more quickly. These products promote weight loss when used in conjunction with the advised exercise and diet plan, and contain ingredients that research shows could increase fat loss.

If you're doing a lot of exercise, especially resistance exercise (e.g. weight training), then it's vital to maximise recovery by getting the right nutrients inside your body straight after training. This will help to replace lost energy and allow damaged muscles to repair and recover faster. A high-quality protein formula taken immediately after exercise will help you recover in time for your next workout.


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