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Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Flapjacks 24 Bars

Sci-MX Pro2Go Protein Flapjacks 24 Bars

Sci Mx Protein flapjack are a great convenient way to add calories to your diet. The flapjacks provide a steady release of energy and a good level of protein.

  • £19.95
  • RRP £44.99
  • Save £25.04

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore 2.1kg

Sci-MX Omni MX Rippedcore takes the confusion out of choosing sports supplements when aiming for a lean muscular physique

  • £29.95
  • RRP £57.59
  • Save £27.64

Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore 2.2kg - Free Shaker

Sci-MX whey plus rippedcore is ideal for both men and women looking to slim down and tone up. You take whey plus rippedcore either in place of a small meal.

  • £29.95
  • RRP £94.99
  • Save £65.04

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein 2.28kg - Free Shaker

Voted the best whey protein in countless surveys Sci-Mx ultra whey is formulated with premium cold process microfiltered whey protein isolate and hydrolysate.

  • £39.95
  • RRP £71.99
  • Save £32.04

Sci-MX Pro 2Go Cookie x 12 Cookies

Sci-MX Pro 2Go Cookie is a delicious tasting, baked cookie with 23 grams of protein, natural flavours and low GI carbohydrates. The ideal muscle support snack to use post training, on-the-go or between meals

  • £12.95
  • RRP £23.88
  • Save £10.93

Sci-MX BCAA Intra Hardcore 480g - Free Shaker

Amplify your body's natural response to weight training with our state of the art intra workout drink. Contains the most advanced blend of amino acids available.

  • £19.95
  • RRP £39.99
  • Save £20.04

Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal 2kg - Free Shaker

High protein meal shake with diet-support nutrients. A balanced 200 calorie meal replacement drink mix with protein Added CLA, green tea, vitamins and minerals

  • £23.99
  • RRP £87.98
  • Save £63.99
Sci-Mx Xplode Hardcore 800g

Sci-MX X-plode Hardcore 800g

Sci-mx Xplode Hardcore 800g contains a precise blend of research-proven ingredients guaranteed to make every single workout or event explosive focussed and energy-charged.

  • £24.95
  • RRP £51.59
  • Save £26.64
Sci-Mx 17-T Somatocri-MX 180 Caps

Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri-MX 180 Caps

The first and only formula of its kind designed to boost both natural serum T production and optimise GH release.

  • £24.95
  • RRP £59.99
  • Save £35.04
Sci-Mx Creatine Monohydrate 250g

Sci-MX Creatine Monohydrate 250g

Sci-Mx Creatine Monohydrate 250g is an ultra pure creatine monohydrate powder that boosts athletic power and explosiveness.

  • £7.95
  • RRP £15.59
  • Save £7.64
Sci-mx Shred-X Rippedcore 100 Caps

Sci-MX Shred-X Rippedcore 100 Caps

Sci-Mx Shred-X Rippedcore is formulated with the highest quality and highest strength extracts and proven micronutrients.

  • £15.95
  • RRP £42.99
  • Save £27.04
Sci-mx Omni-Mx Leancore 2.2kg

Sci-MX Omni-Mx Leancore 2.2kg

Sci-Mx Omni-MX Leancore 2.2kg has been formulated with lean muscle in mind and is suitable for someone looking to put on good muscle without the fear of any excess fat at the same time.

  • £26.95
  • RRP £51.19
  • Save £24.24
Sci-Mx Xplode Rippedcore 450g

Sci-MX Xplode Rippedcore 450g

Cutting edge thermogenic pre workout drink for ultra focused training energy muscle pumps and fat burning optimisation.

  • £12.99
  • RRP £29.99
  • Save £17.00
Sci-mx Muscle Meal Ripped Core 2kg

Sci-MX Muscle Meal Rippedcore 2kg

sci-mx Muscle Meal Rippedcore is an ultra high protein and low carbohydrate muscle gain meal shake for those training for an ultra lean ripped physique.

  • £29.89
  • RRP £55.19
  • Save £25.30
Sci-Mx Ultra Whey Protein 908g

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein 908g

Sci-MX Ultragen Whey Protein is probably the most advanced whey formulation available.

  • £18.95
  • RRP £35.99
  • Save £17.04
Sci-mx ZMA Plus Hardcore x 60 Caps

Sci-MX ZMA Plus Hardcore x 60 Caps

Sci-Mx ZMA Hardcore 60 Caplets are for Power athletes and bodybuilders training for muscle size as well as endurance athletes.

  • £10.95
  • RRP £19.99
  • Save £9.04

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